Program Design & Schedule

Opening Symposium

The Institute is designed as a five-part, six-month intensive learning experience for participants. It begins with a three-day in-person symposium during which leading speakers will discuss successful leadership strategies and effective institutional governance models. You will experience interactive leadership learning modules and an intensive community-building activity to develop connectivity with the other participants.

September 20-22, 2023
Washington, DC

Interactive Online Workshops

A series of four interactive online workshops will occur during the six months of the Institute.

Through these workshops, you will learn new leadership skills and apply those skills by collectively working through case studies that challenge institutional leaders. Workshop topics include:

  • Becoming a Data Informed President
  • Understanding and Leveraging the Changing Higher Education Business Model
  • Optimizing the Presidential Shadowing Experience
  • Learning more about the Presidential Search Process

Dates To Be Announced

AGB National Conference on Trusteeship

You will attend the AGB National Conference on Trusteeship and participate in sessions with standing members of institutional governing boards from around the country. In addition, you will join in-depth conversations about today’s most pressing issues in higher education.

Date and Location To Be Announced

Campus Shadow Visit with a Sitting President

Scheduled by Cohort participants and President

You will have an opportunity to visit a campus and spend quality time with a sitting president introduced to you by Institute faculty. You also will meet and spend time with senior campus leaders, members of the institution’s governing board, and other key community supporters.

Closing Symposium

The Institute will conclude with a three-day in-person capstone symposium during which you will take part in additional intensive case studies. You also will engage in cutting edge conversations about effective institutional governance and how to build effective and lasting relationships between presidents, board chairs and trustees.

January 17-19, 2024
Washington, DC

One-on-One Mentoring Sessions

Scheduled by Cohort participants and Institute Faculty

Institute faculty will provide mentoring sessions to individual Cohort participants to discuss leadership skills refinement and provide coaching on search materials and preparation.

* The content of all symposia sessions will be regularly updated to reflect and incorporate the latest research and opinions on vital components for effective college and university leadership. Participants will have access to this database as part of their registration fee.