Diverse Presidents Continue Down the Pipeline

According to an analysis by Inside Higher Ed, the racial reckoning of 2020 resulted in colleges and universities hiring a greater number of Black and other nonwhite leaders for president and chancellor roles. While there is a healthy dose of skepticism that the trend will continue, some experts point to these appointments as an indicator of increased visibility and representation – factors that are positively contributing to the expansion of the leadership pipeline.

When developing the AGB Institute for Leadership & Governance, Dr. Nancy Zimpher and Dr. Jason Lane intended to make an impact on higher education leadership by providing an opportunity for leaders to experience high-level preparation beneficial to future presidents or chancellors. This opportunity is of particular importance for women and people of color who may have been discouraged or prevented from career advancement. Only three years into its existence, and it’s safe to say that the impact of the Institute is already being felt in higher education. To date, 10 cohort members have been appointed to presidencies or chancellorships; of those 10, four are women, and six are Black men and women, some of them the first Black presidents of their respective institutions. Many cohort members from the Institute’s three classes have continued to make upward progression in their journeys toward a presidency, with newly acquired skills and ongoing mentorship to help them navigate their careers.

The pipeline from the AGB Institute is proving to be an important contributing factor to the continuing diversification of higher education leadership.

Read Inside Higher Ed’s analysis here.

Posted on 03.02.2022