Cultivating the Higher Education Leadership Pipeline: Part 3

On “Talent Talks” with Hunt Scanlon Media, host Rob Adams speaks with AGB Search Managing Principal Dr. Rod McDavis and AGB Institute for Leadership & Governance Director Dr. Nancy Zimpher on “Cultivating the Higher Education Leadership Pipeline.”

Are women and people of color well represented in higher education leadership positions? Why do you think that is?

Drs. McDavis and Zimpher are optimistic about what they see as a new era of Presidents, Chancellors, and other leadership roles represented by women and people of color. They will find themselves with the opportunity to “keep the gate” and put to action their commitment to equity and diversity. “For so many years, women and people of color have played a significant role as faculty, deans, and other members of the academy, but now they’re being taken seriously as being the leader of a college or university or system…that’s where the future is,” says McDavis.

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Posted on 01.12.2021