Cultivating the Higher Education Leadership Pipeline: Part 2

On “Talent Talks” with Hunt Scanlon Media, host Rob Adams speaks with AGB Search Managing Principal Dr. Rod McDavis and AGB Institute for Leadership & Governance Director Dr. Nancy Zimpher on “Cultivating the Higher Education Leadership Pipeline.”

Tell us about the AGB Institute for Leadership & Governance in Higher Education. Why did you create the program and how does it speak to these trends?

Drs. McDavis and Zimpher stress the importance of governance and building positive working relationships between Boards and Presidents, and how to best pass the baton on to the next generation of leaders while also guiding them in building those relationships. New talent needs to know how Boards think, operate, and what their responsibilities are – “Governance is critical, you have to learn how to work effectively with the Board because the Board sets the tone for the institution,” says Zimpher.

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Posted on 12.15.2020