Cultivating the Higher Education Leadership Pipeline: Part 1

Recently on “Talent Talks” with Hunt Scanlon Media, host Rob Adams speaks with AGB Institute for Leadership & Governance Director Dr. Nancy Zimpher and AGB Search Managing Principal Dr. Rod McDavis on “Cultivating the Higher Education Leadership Pipeline.”

What trends are you seeing in the higher education sector related to leadership and the Presidency specifically?

Drs. McDavis and Zimpher describe the trends they are seeing in in the higher education sector related to leadership, and to the presidency specifically. Those who are stepping up prepared to serve in leadership roles are faced with a trifecta of challenges on a global scale –  the economic crisis, the medical crisis and most importantly the equity crisis – that are accompanied by high expectations of leadership. With this group of young, dynamic leaders, “we have to do everything we can to prepare this new generation for what could really be a tough ride but calls for leadership,” says Zimpher.

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Posted on 11.18.2020