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Transparency in Higher Education Presidential Search – Take Our Survey

Transparency in presidential searches is handled differently based on the needs of the institution and its home state. Many institutions show complete transparency from the beginning of the search, while others may take hybrid approaches to introducing candidates to their campus community. In his article “Transparency in Higher Education Presidential Search”, AGB Search Managing Principal […]

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Posted on 09.12.2022

Diverse Presidents Continue Down the Pipeline

According to an analysis by Inside Higher Ed, the racial reckoning of 2020 resulted in colleges and universities hiring a greater number of Black and other nonwhite leaders for president and chancellor roles. With 10 past participants receiving presidencies or chancellorships, the AGB Institute is a contributing leadership pipeline for the hiring trend.

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Posted on 03.02.2022

The Benefits of “Systemness” in Higher Education

AGB Institute for Leadership & Governance co-directors Nancy Zimpher and Jason Lane were members of the strategic team that created the concept of “systemness” at the State University of New York. Nearly two decades later, the benefits are still clear.

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Posted on 02.11.2022